Day 2 2/09/2016 Update

snail boyWe were quite disappointed today. After we passed the company over a dozen non-economic proposals yesterday, the company came back at 11 AM this morning and asked questions on our proposals but were not prepared to respond to any items including simple things that are a matter of law.
We then asked for dates and times for further negotiations after this week. They nearly demanded that we break for the week, because they wanted to come up with counter-proposals to ours. They claim they have proposals on other items for us but refused to provide them. They wanted to meet next on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd for only one day.
We asked for them to give us some counters, and they said if we met this week, it would be Thursday morning, and that was for a few counters they called “housekeeping”. Nothing more until the 23rd.
They said they would get their “calendars” out and talk about dates. But the only date they would talk about was the 23rd, and just that day, not for the rest of the week. They then said they would give us some days on or around the 23rd, but not before then.
Sadly, folks, the slow-down hasn’t stopped. Our IAM reps, Joe Greaser and Larry Young have negotiated hundreds of contracts, many of them first contracts. Their “act” doesn’t work. It’s obvious the company is planning to meet just enough to keep from drawing charges. They want to delay your representatives just like they’ve delayed for you six years. But it won’t work.
Let’s be clear to everyone in E85 – this contract is a top priority for the IAM. Your Negotiating Team told the company we are available EVERY DAY IN BOTH FEBRUARY AND MARCH!!! Including weekends!
So, we refuse to sit still. We are moving ahead. First off, while we don’t have a contract yet, you DO have rights on the job since the IAM is the bargaining agent for E85. We are having a Union meeting for the membership. It will be at 9 AM on Saturday Feb 20 at the District Lodge 74 Headquarters, 5307 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk. If you haven’t signed an application yet, they will be available at the meeting.
As we said, you have rights. We will be selecting stewards to represent everyone in E85. We are going to have a Union Steward’s training session the next Saturday, Feb. 27th from 9 AM to 1, lunch will provided by the IAM. Let us know at the membership meeting of the 20th if you wish to attend. We have a special guest, Mary McHugh, an instructor at the IAM Education Center, and former associate counsel for the IAM. She will let you know your rights in the shop, and how to ensure your rights are maintained.
Keep watching the FB and website. We’ll be posting more info on our website on your rights and education on our Union. More to come!

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