Opening Day 2/8/2016 Update

Today was the beginning!

After six and one-half years, your Negotiating Committee met with company negotiators, led by Director of Labor Relations Debra Moore. It’s been a long time getting here, but this is an important day to flag in the path to a contract.

openerSouthern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin flew in to attend today’s opening of negotiations. GVP Blondin covers the Southern Territory, which includes 14 states through the south and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In opening remarks, GVP Blondin stressed the importance of the negotiations to the IAM, and said “We’re here to get a contract. The IAM works in a businesslike and professional matter, and I pledge to the E85 workers the full support and resources of the territory as we move forward.”

The day was substantive and productive. We passed more than a dozen non-economic proposals across the table to the company. Non-economic proposal are those that have little or nothing to do with money. Union and company rights, seniority, grievance and arbitration proposals are the type of things negotiations normally starts with. Economic proposals are usually negotiated last. DL 74 DBR Larry and Southern Territory GLR Joe Greaser led the negotiations.

The bottom line today is that the company recognized that the time for refusing to recognize your choice to Unionize is over. Your negotiators sat down with the company as equals. We will be meeting with the company every day for the rest of the week, and we will give you updates every day.

We are accepting membership applications. If you haven’t gotten an application yet, message us and we’ll get one to you.

We are starting our monthly meetings this month, as we move toward becoming our own Local Lodge. It will be at 9 AM on Saturday Feb 20 at the District Lodge 74 Headquarters, 5307 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk. The meeting will be informational and will have time for questions, and shouldn’t last more than an hour. EVERYONE in the unit is invited. Applications will be available if you haven’t signed up yet.

The Wait is Over! Our Time is NOW!

Photo: (l to r) GVP Mark Blondin, Latasha Greene, Aaron Lawrence, Shannon Briscoe, Tony Polisk, DBR Larry Young, GLR Joe Greaser.

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