The Wait is OVER! Our time is NOW!

Negotiations start on Monday. We will be giving you updates via this website and our Facebook Page, Feel free to give us comments as we move forward. We will work to perfect a strong communications system. We have a lot of things planned, and we pledge to be transparent during these negotiations!

DOGS (2)We are also trying to have a contact person in every shop so we can have 100% coverage of every shop to get stuff out to you, and back to the Committee. We did some surveys and have the results back already. If you didn’t get to fill out a survey, don’t worry, this won’t be the last survey we do as we move forward to negotiate a strong IAM Contract.

We need everyone to fill out membership applications. If you haven’t been contacted yet, please message us, we want to be in contact with 100% of our unit!

Many folks are watching this Facebook and website that aren’t part of the bargaining unit. Welcome to everyone!

This is an exciting time for everyone at Hunting Ingalls, as we make history and break new ground at the facility.

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