About Negotiations Training

mary_classThe Machinists Union has unique resources in the labor movement. The William W. Winpisinger Center at Placid Harbor is the IAM training center in Hollywood, MD. A year-round educational facility, the IAM has training both for full-time representatives and shop-floor members, given in 1-week courses. The Center pays room and board and travel to attend.
More information on the Center is available at winpisinger.iamaw.org.
The wait is over for a contract for E85 workers. The IAM Negotiating Committee consists of members from your unit, plus District Lodge 74 Directing Business Representative Larry Young and Southern Territory Grand Lodge Representative Joe Greaser.
Larry is the Business Rep covering your new unit, and he’s been involved with the organizing effort from the beginning, six and a half years ago. Both Larry and Joe are experienced negotiators who have hundreds of contract negotiations under their belts.
In the IAM, the members are in charge. Your Committee knows the issues and needs of the E85 workers, and they drive the negotiations. The IAM recognized the need for training for negotiators, and developed a week-long course, Negotiations Preparation for Negotiating Committees.
The IAM has trained dozens of committees. It’s not just training, but throughout the week, the Committee is drafting a plan for the negotiations, and leave with an entire game plan for negotiating a strong IAM Contract.
The instructors at the Winpisinger Center starts with classes on Team Dynamics, and Power Analysis, understanding the leverage you have at the table. Next is Collective Bargaining Law and Representational rights, provided by instructor Mary McHugh, an attorney and former legal counsel for the IAM.
They also provide training on Drafting Contract Language, Presenting Proposals and Contract Costing. Then Southern Territory Communications Representative Bob Wood worked with the Committee working on a Communications Plan with the Committee. Bob is the Territory’s experienced PR director, who has worked with press throughout the territory, and will be assisting the Committee through negotiations.
Neil Gladstein, Director of the IAM’s Strategic Resources Department, gave an overview of the company and the information on the bargaining unit the company provided to the union through legal information requests. Neil discussed bargaining strategies with the Committee. Neil or one of his economists will be at the table with the Committee during the economics portion of negotiations.
Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin spoke to the Committee via video conference, too. GVP Blondin guides the entire 14-state Southern Territory. Mark will attend the opening of negotiations, and has promised all resources the Committee needs to be successful.
Negotiations starts February 8 in Newport News.

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